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New Artist: Ari Biajee

Check out new artist: Ari Biajee (South Florida)She put this viral montage video together for her song "Mama Told Me"https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=opVkPZVd4lQShe's upcoming y'all give us your feedbackFollow her on IG: @ari_biajee (32k organic followers)Also on Facebook: Ari BiajeeAvailable for booking now: Shows-Promotional Modeling-Songwriting
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FlyBoi Greatone is one of the featured Hip Hop artists currently residing in Hartford, Connecticut that is taking the city by storm. From his distinct tone, word play and punchlines he is the Tri-States' best kept secret. Greatone has been seen in shows from the east coast on down. Be sure to look out for his upcoming EP titled "Talking Sporty" which includes features from Rocko, Snootie Wild, Young LA and production from Zaytoven, Cassius Jay, DJ K-Swiss, The Colleagues and many more.

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Atlanta's icon, Torion teams up with Dae Dae on hit single, "Dinero"

Atlanta's very own, Torion teams up with rap artist, Dae Dae on his banga, "Dinero". This song, produced by DJ Luney Tunez was creatively done by fusing R&B and Rap together.

Torion Sellers was groomed from birth to be a shining star. As a singer-songwriter-musician-dancer-actor, the young ingénue is looking to rejuvenate and revolutionize the entertainment industry. A talented purveyor of Rhythm & Blues, Torion got his start in the church as a young Gospel choirboy. He officially entered the music business before he was a teenager, entertaining adult audiences at the age of 12. Torion would accompany his father, Todd, a musician, to nightclubs to perform with a live band.

An Atlanta, GA native with maternal roots in Monroe, Louisiana, Torion’s musical style is a reflection of his deep, powerful southern heritage. From Blues, Funk, Soul to R&B and Pop, Torion is setting a new standard for the industry, essentially creating a new genre. His musical style is a melodic gumbo; one that combines impassioned lyrics, and robust vocals with brassy arrangements.

“When I get in the booth I put my pain and life into the music so people can feel it just as I do,” “My music is something for the people to feel good to.”

In 2011, Torion inked a deal with Lil Wayne and went on to record with hit-makers Polow da Don, Rico Love, Rodney Jerkins Detail, Stargate (Roc Nation), Luney Tunez and Silento, to name a few. He later released an EP entitled Alive, hosted by DJ Blackboy, which was based on the movie BarberShop 3: The Next Cut, in which he appeared. His last single, “Flavas,” produced by ANTMAN is an up-tempo celebratory anthem composed exclusively to finesse the ladies.

“It's pretty much me speaking to all the beautiful women around the world; all colors and sizes. This song is about inclusion and applauding the beauty I see externally but also internally. I was raised by and around strong women.”

Torion has opened for celebrated artists such as Charlie Wilson, Bobby Brown and Tank and embarked on the Scream Tour in 2012 where he showcased his vocal and dance skills alongside Diggy Simmons and the OMG Girlz. He has also shared the stage with Mindless Behavior, Silento, and TK & Cash, among others.

Inspired by the solid work ethic and artistic integrity of Michael Jackson, Torion is looking to become a staple in the realm of entertainment. Listing more words on a page won’t do the vastness of Torion’s talent or brilliance justice. The vibrant colorful music he creates, that brims with life, authenticity, and possibility, can only be heard and felt.

“I want to be known as the artist that does whatever it takes to win, a workaholic, a go-getter and just someone who is chill, humble yet outspoken when the time is right.”

2017 proves to be even more prosperous Torion. He is the South East Regional Ambassador for “Fresh Empire”, an anti-tobacco campaign that uses music as a platform to raise awareness about the dangers of smoking. In January 2017, Torion was invited to perform at the 25th Anniversary Trumpet Awards; where he lead in paying tribute to New Edition. With the release of his single “Dinero” featuring rapper Dae Dae - Torion's music and artistry are an unstoppable force.

Torion is destined for greatness and will prove this in the years to come. Be sure to follow him on all social media outlets and add this to your playlists on Spotify, Soundcloud or Tidal. The single is available on Itunes and Google play stores.


Connect With Torion on Social Media:
PHOTO CREDITS: Latavia Roberson
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NTG & Yung Draw, Truly Philly's Power Couple

Philadelphia's Power Couple, NTG & Yung Draw are at it again with a powerful cadence dealing with the issues facing the urban community today . This is a song with a definite message and proves once again the #spittagang will not be denied. Grab Don't shoot today on the album " Music & Marriage" available exclusively here >>>>www.ntuneentgrp.com 

Soundcloud Link 

Don't Shoot - Ntg & Yung Draw (Midnite Music)

I'm Real - NTG & Yung Draw Ft Tone Trump (Official Video)

Soundcloud Link 
I'm Real - NTG Ft Yung Draw & Tone Trump (Mazik Beats)


Find more about them on TalkUvTheTown.com!

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Lil Bibby, Mizzy Mula Show in New Haven, CT POSTPONED!

CT was anticipating the New Year to pop off right with Lil Bibby coming out to New Haven, opening up for him Scream Team Entertainment's hot young artist, Mizzy Mula. The venue, K2, has postponed the event for reasons unknown to us. Mizzy Mula remixed Lil Bibby's "U Aint Gang" with Scream Team's LowKey (listen here). Not to worry, the event WILL be rescheduled, and Mizzy Mula is set to head to CT in February to perform with Kodie Shane.

We don't see this postponement slowing Mizzy Mula down! With the help of Don Diego Entertainment Group, he opened up for Uncle Murda in Waterbury, CT on January 13, and will be doing a meet & greet and live performance in New London, CT on February 16; two days later, Mizzy will grace the stage with Kodie Shane at Connecticut College in New London, CT. We hear he got A LOT more plans and surprises for 2017, too. This boy around to stay! 

You should already know the name, Mizzy Mula!!

Follow Scream Team Ent. on all social media - @ScreamSquad15

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Tell Us How To Earn Your Vote Today!

How will the Presidential Candidates Of the United States Of America Earn Your Vote??!!

Let us know!!

TEXT: HowToEarnMyVote to 91944 to learn More about this Movement!!

Send us a 30 Second video letting us know what is important to you!! Email video to howtoearnmyvote@gmail.com


Instagram: @howtoearnmyvote
Twitter: @how2earnmyvote

For more info contact Parnell Gervais @ThoroughConsulting 631.664.4927

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Smiles Official is a talented aspiring artist who uses witty wordplay and clever rhetoric to write the music that has all the ladies of South Florida willing to “make them panties drop”. Embracing his rich Jamaican background, Official has always been a lover of both music and food with lots of soul. In junction with his deeply embedded cultural roots, Smiles also accredits a large part of his success today to the city that raised him, Cutler Ridge (Miami, FL).

Not only was he able to launch his rap career in Cutler Ridge but he was also recognized by his city for being a force on the football field and a bullet on the track. Ripe with raw talent, Smiles Official embodied all that is carpe diem, and he has been seizing every moment since.

All in all, his attention was persistently sought out by many and he was able to broaden his network more and more every year. Through his affiliation with Deuce Mob, his love for music found him a temporary line of business as a party DJ. It was apparent even from then that Smiles Official was destined to be discovered. His energy radiates through a crowd like a surge of power. When Smiles Official is on the mic, everyone feels good. 

His life was at a high point, but little did he know, the sky is the limit. Upon returning to Miami during the Summer of 2008, Smiles Official was invited to take the stage at Club Tuckers. On this particular evening, the guest list was illustrious. Big Miami names such as Larry Dogg, Grind Mode and Piccalo were all in attendance, That night was a turning point in Official’s life; that night Smiles Official decided, “I’m not stopping until I make it, period.” 

Smiles Official is an original talent with a unique sound, he calls it Mood Music, and the streets love it! In just a year’s time, Smiles Official was able to release several mixtapes, including the ladies favorite PDM: Panty Dropping Music. His performances have become commonplace at various reputable clubs in South Florida.

Smiles Official works closely with other Miami-based organizations and his current record label Streets Enterprise Entertainment, of which he is the Co-Founder. With the crowd of people who halfheartedly attempt to pursue a career in the Hip-Hop industry it is often difficult to tell the imposters from the real thing but you already know Smiles Official is as real as they come.










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WHERE HAS SMOKE D(@smiznoke) OF UGK BEEN? | #TrillMovement

It’s been eight years and six months since Smoke D brought that undeniable underground sound made possible in part by himself as well as two trailblazing Southern rappers Bun-B and Pimp C, collectively known as UGK. And since touching down on free ground August 27, it’s evident that his homecoming has been a long-awaited welcome.

Within a month of being released from prison, he has received rave reviews online for his comeback single “When the Feds Pull Up” featuring Bukwild. Over a silky smooth interpolation of R. Kelly’s classic “When A Woman’s Fed Up” accented by piercing piano chords and acoustic guitar strums, Smoke honestly and unapologetically breaks down the possible consequences of living on the other side of the law. And with a highly anticipated mixtape and full-length album distributed via Trill Life Entertainment on the way, diehard fans across the nation celebrate the return of the trill.

“Judging from the internet response of my first leaked single, I definitely have an audience already in place,” saysSmoke D. “I’m bringing them back that underground sound that was there before and bringing in a better way and pick up where Pimp left off…I learned a lot from Pimp as far as coming up with that UGK sound,” Smoke admits. “I learned how to rap from him and how to produce.”

Born in Denver, Colorado and raised in Mississippi since he was six weeks old, Smoke D came up in the sleepy town of Crystal Springs, right outside the state’s capitol city Jackson. When he was 15, his mother packed up the young man and his six siblings and relocated to the faster-paced Capitol City.
“Jackson was a lot different than Crystal Springs. There were a lot of gangs in Jackson so I got acclimated to the streets through gang activity,” he recalls. “It’s just another state with another ghetto. It’s a lot of poverty. It’s just a rat race. Even if you win the race, you’re still just a rat.”
Despite all of his dirty dealings in the streets, Smoke managed to make it college. He had a friend from Crystal Springs who also attended Hinds Community College but pursued a rap career on the side. The friend invited Smoke to travel with him to Lansing, Mich. for his studio session. There, he rubbed elbows with such celebrated Flint rappers the Dayton Family.

It just so happened that the studio owner’s son wanted to record a song of his own but no one would help him. After getting the nod from his father, Smoke wrote a song with the kid called “The Pimp Mack Hustle.” Smoke only intended it to be a joke record and was mainly concerned with helping his friend’s career.
When Smoke and his friend brought their music back to Mississippi, they circulated the tapes amongst their friends. One of those friends was a local club owner named Stokes who passed both tapes along to Bun and Pimp, who were performing at the club that night.
“Out of the blue, I get a call from Stokes telling me to come to the club,” Smoke recalls. “I didn’t know what he wanted.”
When Smoke arrived at the club, the owner told him to go out to the backdoor of the club. “When I got out back, it was a limo back there. So I got in the limo and it was three girls in the limo with Pimp and Bun,” Smoke remembers. “We were listening to the music and listened to the song I did with the little boy, and Pimp invited me to come to his house for two weeks. I ended up staying for two years.”

At the time, UGK had recently signed a major label deal with Jive Records and were recording their 1994 seminal Southern classic album Super Tight in New Orleans. They were working on a record entitled “Front Back Side to Side” and asked Smoke to get on the song. With menial promotions and virtually no airplay, Super Tight went gold and "Front, Back, & Side to Side" became a hit single for the Texas-based group.
That one verse featuring Smoke's gritty lyrics established him as one of the up-and-coming voices in Southern hip-hop. Among true fans of Southern rap music, he was a legend in the making and hadn't even released his first record yet.
The success of "Front, Back, & Side to Side" caused things to really take off for Smoke. He toured with UGK, and he and Pimp C worked on tracks that would be on Smoke's highly anticipated solo album, but before he could finish recording the album, his life took a tragic turn. Smoke had a run-in with the law that resulted in his serving a 10-year bid for manslaughter.
“My life changed after that. I wanted to keep it real and still hang in the ghetto,” he admits. “I didn’t have guidance. I was doing whatever I felt like, going wherever the wind blew me… People who are from the same place where you are from resent you for trying to do better. Back then, I was too naive to understand that.”
While locked up, Smoke recorded an audio message to let Pimp, Bun and the rest of the crew know that he was ok. Pimp chopped it up and put the audio as song intros on the next gold-selling album Ridin’ Dirty.

“While I was in the penitentiary, it put a lot more hype on me,” says Smoke. “That got me respect in the prison because I was trying to do something. God blessed me all the way.”
As luck would have it, though, 10 days after Smoke got out of prison, Pimp was on his way to prison. “I got out expecting an easy road but it didn’t turn out that way,” he says. “I was really out there on my own, trying to avoid trouble. I waiting on Pimp…I was rap hustling and street hustling.”
That street hustling gained him another round trip ticket to prison as Pimp was being released. “Before Pimp got out, I was back in trouble so when he was getting out, I was headed back in,” says Smoke. “By the time we got to reconnect again, he was found dead in California. I don’t know if it was God’s will for us not to coexist in the same space or something. I don’t know.”
On his last sentence, Smoke faced a 20-year bid but got out on “good time” for participating in rehabilitation classes. Last year, prior to his release, several previously unreleased tracks from Smoke, Pimp C, Bun-B and Lil Boosie, among others, were released on Smoke D’s mixtape The Lost Files, hosted and mixed by DJ Big House.

“A whole lot of people know who I am but they don’t see my face,” says Smoke. “I’m not a person who’s always out. I stick to myself but now it’s time to use my talents to further my family and people I know and love.” And that’s exactly what he is set to do with his forthcoming mixtape and full-length album fueled by runaway single “When the Feds Pull Up.”
“Before, I had this big house built as far as the music. But since I’ve been gone, the house done got old. So I’m in the process of rebuilding, reestablishing and bringing everything back up to date.”





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Mason J Presents: Walt P

Feelings often conflict, but you have to choose what your life will say, despite how you feel

Walt Posey, a.k.a. Walt P tha Bad Guy spends his time in the studio channeling the lyrics in his music into a cycle of experiences that convey encouraging and thought provoking messages of inspiration, as he gears up for the release of his debut EP, What If Sonny Lived, Vol. 1. The album is a self-proclaimed memoir that chronicles his personal life of pain and sacrifice, through struggles and challenges - summed up simply - about Life!

Like the character in one of the most memorable novels in story-telling, the theme of What If Sonny Lived, Vol. 1 resembles an adaptation of the classic Godfather film, embodied in the spirit of the flick’s underboss, Sonny Corleone. Mirroring Sonny’s image, Walt P tha Bad Guy admits, “Like Sonny, I am my father’s eldest son, whose impulsive thinking has often let my temper over ride my judgment. Unlike Sonny, I survived my struggle and overcame pain as a result of vengeance and ferociousness.” As evidenced on his single debut, “Motivated,” Walt P effortlessly bleeds into his music as he describes his will power to win and undertake his ambitions to become his own boss and make his own money.

“I don't see no redlight no stop sign/its go time sprint right to the finish that's what goes on in my mind/its my turn to win it/I go so hard when I grind/aint no gold on the surface gotta dig to find/and I'm so motivated (Yeeeaaah)/and I'm so dedicated…I don't see no redlight no stop sign ….” He flows on the up-tempo banger, “Mobster,” as the bad guyy reveals a darker side of him that opens up to some of his past doings, leading to the things he has done to get to the point in life that he is at today.

“I channel Lucky Luciano for that beef/Making money like Bonnano got connects straight overseas/Paulie Castellano run my family you know I'm chief/Everybody know me Mr Gotti black with gold teeth … Beat them charges like I'm Rocky then I'm right back to the streets … while navigating in and out on the hook, “Walk like a mobster/Talk like a mobster/Live like a mobster/Smoking on cigars bruh/Gangstas at my table we be eating on the lobster…"

Like the ending to a good book, Walt P encourages letting go of by-gones and embracing the moment with happiness, on the feel-good track, “Take Me Under.” It doesn’t hurt that he credits award-winning rappers, Master P. and legendary B.I.G. as his most influential and compelling music influences, and owns up to his fascination for listening to 70’s soft rock music by the rock & roll rhythm duo, Hall & Oates and the British-American rock band,Fleetwood Mac. But first and foremost, his prime inspiration, whom he “thanks for giving me a vison to know what was best for me is God,” he says gratefully. The 27-year old rapper from Augusta, GA grew up in the small town of Rome, GA, in a community infested by elements of crime. Surrounded by the pitfalls of corruption common in inner-city neighborhoods, he witnessed many of his friends fall victim to becoming another failure of the system, in and out of revolving doors in detention homes and city prisons. Although his mother raised him and 4 other siblings as a single parent, he was always reminded by the words of his father, whom he praises for always encouraging him to work hard to make a living.

Determined not to become a statistic of his own trappings and wrongdoings on the streets, at the age of 18 he enlisted in the military as a form of escape from his environment. That decision would prove to be a good choice. Little did he know that his calling to become a hip-hop artist would be fueled by his first performance in front of a captivated audience of U.S. military troops during his deployment in Iraq. The energy of the crowd and their fascination of his live shows ignited his passion to pursue his dream of becoming a recording artist. He recalls the feeling as “its own high like no other feeling you can get.” That was the point that he decided to hang up his uniform, move forward in faith, and set out on a path of fulfilling his first dream – his love of music. Walt P’s gift as a rapper started at a young age, when one day while he was socializing with the ladies, and hanging with friends rapping to “Sipping on Seagram’s Gin and Juice,” free styling just for fun. It was when they asked him to join them on the track, and he added his writing skills to the flow on the music, that “Walt P the Bad Guy” were created.

Summing up his life experiences he adds, “I hope that the messages in my music will inspire others never to give up on their dreams, and to know that you can do and be what you vision for yourself in life.” Not bad for the kid from a small town with dreams to one day tour big with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. What If Sonny Lived, Vol. 1 was solely written by Walt P under the direction of super-producer Christopher Starr of CSP Music Group in Atlanta, GA. Starr, who founded CSP and has worked with the likes of Mary J. Blige,Christina Aguilera and Chris Brown, carves out his day in his Atlantabased recording studio sculpting the careers of aspiring singers and songwriters to help them reach their goal of starting their career in music. During the process of their recording sessions under his direction, singers, rappers as well as songwriters are also coached on the business of the music industry and what it takes to be successful in their art.

The first single “Motivated” is scheduled for a digital release on Mason J Records, a subsidiary of CSP Music Group in June, 2016. And if Vol. 1 of Walt P tha Bad Guy’s delivery is any indication of what to expect from this breakout artist, stay tuned to the sequel, Vol. 2. To be continued….

Mason J Presents: Walt P
Label Affiliation: Mason J Records a subsidiary of CSP Music Group
Website: https://cspmusicgroup.com/ghjvdgf%23466w%40%25/7r

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In efforts of self promotion and awareness, Smiling Homeboy believes that the best way to gain awareness is to give back to the world. Partnering with the growing charity called Fftg Cares (a Flows From The Gutter give back program), Smiling Homeboy had created an online fundraising source on local Newton, Mass. based crown funding site Booster.com. The innovative site let's you create an avenue to get your voice heard about a cause or charity, using t shirts either preloaded or designed by yourself instantly. They also provide you with the garments, so you don't have to spend spend spend. It's an easy and affordable way of gaining profit and awareness for your campaign. Smiling Homeboy had thought that using this platform would definitely help the Fftg Cares brand in getting organized and mobilized with the funds to help those in need. Proceeds from the initiative will be used to supply materials for the school, help a family in need (clothes, food, etc.), possibly create an after school or recreational activity for some lucky group of kids. The main objective of the cause is to restore hope and optimism within an individual or family. Giving back is the best feeling. Click here to see why: https://www.booster.com/smiling-homeboyfftg-cares-give-back?utm_campaign=mobile-campaign-page-share&share=841469162276220&utm_source=facebook
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Listen to this exclusive debut tester for the market titled "Jones" produced by JeeJuh Beats. In efforts of reinventing something different, with a mix of the old school & new school trends (minus the weird flow and drug influenced content... Except 4/20), Smiling Homeboy hits you with this gem. Creating an acronym for his evolved lifestyle L.A.N.E.S (Living. A. New. Evolved. Style), Smiling Homeboy is diverse from other artist in any market. Having been polished and tailored by the best within his city and other markets (Such as NH, SOUTH FL, TX, AND MASS), his flow, image, and business savvy mindset is what compliments the underground and mainstream audiences and fellow acts. Click or copy and paste into your browser: Listen to Jones - by SmilingHomeboy #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/user-729507015/jones-kli-mastered q:)
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What's up Cousin Stizz

Boston's own Cousin Stizz is still on fire! I spoke to cousin Stizz asked him how he feels about the XXL freshmen 10, he stated "it all has to do with views", much respect to everyone who made it". Today he released a new visual called "Where I Came From" and also will be releasing his new project called "MONDA"
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